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With the latest technology in washing and dry cleaning, our services combine our expertise and experience acquired over a period of time to provide you with clean laundry, linen and curtains in the shortest possible turnaround time.

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We Specialize in

Steam Iron Service

Our Ironing Service offers steam ironing using vacuum press tables. The temperature control iron boxes ensure different finishes for garments to get appropriate heat for pressing.

Dry Cleaning Service

A solution everyday washing cannot give. Oil stains are stubborn and may not be entirely possible to remove by water.  Moreover, synthetic fibers like polyester respond well to only dry cleaning.

Stain Removal

Among the advantages of dry cleaning is its ability to dissolve grease and oils in a superior way that water can never match.

Wash & Dry Service

To help we offer a service wash & dry. We only use the very best washing powder and conditioner to ensure a quality service through and through.

Quilt & Duvet Cleaning

Duvet cleaning at highly competitive prices. Storing away for next winter or dog had an accident? We’ll give you a full wash and dry service packed up ready for storage or for immediate use.

Repairs & Aterations

We offer a professional and reliable repairs & alterations service which is second to none. Whether it’s a bust zip on your favourite trousers, or a new set of curtains needing a few inches taking off.

Curtains & Drapery

The curtains and drapery come in different materials such as pure cotton lining, linen and cotton blend drapes in superior colour and texture. Clean them up and retain the original look with our dry cleaning service.

Silk & Suede

Often food, beverage stains and others like pen ink marks could mar your suede and silk handbags or jackets making an attractive fashion statement. We get the best possible results.

Commercial Laundry

Special solutions and pricing for commercial laundry for hotels, hospitals and large factories and garment establishments.

Our Skills

Stain Removal 99%
Drapery Cleaning 90%
Silk & Suede 99%
Regular wash 100%
Ironing 100%
Duvet Cleaning 100%

We are the pioneers in Dry Cleaning in your city.  We have our services operating all across Huddersfield. Not only that, we have special technology to meet demands of commercial convenience. Simply contact us for all your cleaning requests.

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